"The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon" - Song List
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Compiled from various sources, a list of song titles performed in assorted voices on Bobby Goldsboro's "The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon" TV / video series  [ visit the Official Website ]:  [ in alphabetical order; continual confirmation in process ]

Ain't No Place Like Home
Anything Is Possumble
At The Circus
Ballad Of Country Weston
Bayou Cookin'
Bayou Dancin'
Bayou Jambalaya Jubilee
Big Al's Theme
Blame It On The Moonlight

Call On Doctor Betterfeel
Can't Make Me Love You
Can't Stop Shakin'
Candy Dreams
Cap'n Ribbit E. Lee
Card Game Of Love
Christmas In The Bayou
Classic Gumbo
Classical Gumbo
Colors Of The Blues
Contest Fiddlin'
Critter Kids

Disco King
Do The Bayou Boogie
Does Anybody Care?
The Doghouse Blues
Don't Fiddle Around With Gumbo
Down At Big Al's
Down In Old Mexico
Down The Road Of Broken Dreams
Each Time I Look Into God's Eyes
Each Time I Look Into Your Eyes
Easter Egg Mornin'
Every Critter Knows Somethin'

Fever In The Bayou
Get Hold Of The Rhythm
Good Friend
Gotta Know How To Boogie
Gotta Leave It Like You Found It
Gotta Save The Lighthouse
Granny's Goodbye Song
Ground Hog Charlie Watson
Gumbo Dancin'
Gumbo Solo

Hard To Find A Friend
How Will They Know
I Just Want A Friend
If I Had A Wishing Ring
I'm Gonna Be Famous
In The Everglades
It's A Critter Thing
Love Divine
I Wrote A Song

Just A Little Pinch Of Sand
Just Because We Never Say That
Just Fiddlin' Around
Kids Are Critters/People, Too
Life On The River's So Fine
A Little Piece Of Heaven
Lost, Lost Lagoon

Mary Yatchee
[Become The] Mayor Of The Swamp
Midnight Fiddle
Midnight Train To Memphis
Minute Minuet
The Music's Gone
My Heart Is In The Jukebox
North Of The Border
Not Workin' Works For Me

Rain Brings A River Of Love
Rhythm Of The River
Richest Critter In The Swamp
Richest Pirate/Critters On The Sea
A Rockin' Kind Of Christmas
Rollin' Down To Lost Lagoon

Say It With Music
Sing A Song Of Love
Snuffy, The Elf
Stay Forever Young
Strangest Things Come Out On Halloween
Suddenly It's Sunny Again
Summer Moon Of Lost Lagoon
Swamp Critter Party
Swamp Critters Theme
Swamp Jammin'
Swamp Jingle Bells

This Bunny Likes To Ride
Tougher Than I Look
Treasure In The Islands
Usin' Your Imagination

Way My Daddy Used To Play
What A Frightful Night For Halloween
Whatcha Doin' To Me Girl
When The Circus Comes To Town
When The Golden Egg Is Mine
When There Ain't No One But You
When You're All Alone
Where We Belong
Wishing Ring
Witches Have To Be Scary
Wonderful Wanda
Working Together

Ya' Just Gotta Believe
Yellowbeard The Captain
Yellowbeard The Pirate
Ya' Gonna Have To Pay Your Dues


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