"The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon" - Episode List
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Compiled from various sources, an episode list for Bobby Goldsboro's "The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon" TV / video series  [ visit the Official Website ]:
[ in alphabetical order; confirmation ongoing ]

Another Jubilee
Another Phatrat
Back To The Fifties
The Ballad Of Country Weston
Bayou Christmas AKA The Swamp Critters Christmas Show
Bayou Circus
Bayou Halloween AKA The Swamp Critters Halloween Show
Bayou Independence Day
Bayou Jambalaya Jubilee
Bayou Justice
The Best You Can Be
Big Al Finds Courage
Big Al Meets Cupid
Blues In My Shoes
Bobby Q. Runs Away
Classic - Classical Gumbo
Disco Here, 'Dat Go There
Eager Beaver
Easter Egg Mornin' AKA The Swamp Critters Easter Show
Easter Surprise
Foggy Bottom Fiddlin’ Contest
God's River Of Love
Go West, Young Critter
Hamlet and Cheese
Joe Writes A Hit
Kids Are Critters, Too
Little Lie, Big Lie
Looks Like Stormy Weathers
Not A Drop To Drink
The Opening Act
Phatrat And The Manatees
Promise Them Anything
Rainy Daze
Ribbit Goes To Mexico
Ribbit To The Rescue
Riverboat Gambler
Save The Lighthouse
Savin' The Everglades AKA The Story Of Rainbow Bear
School Daze
The Shot Heard 'Round The Swamp
**Sing Along With
Snorkle Finds A Friend
**Songs Of Love And Inspiration
The Story Of Snuffy
The Story Of Stinger
The Taffy Pull
Tooth Or Consequences
Treasure In The Islands
Where’s Ima?
Where There's Smoke, There's Phinneas
Working Together
Yellowbeard, The Pirate

**music videos

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