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The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon

Bobby Goldsboro's The Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon                       The Swamp Critters Perform
Teaching Strong Family Values, Music Styles and Environmental Awareness

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NEWS - "The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon" are now on DVD !!  Many character-based and holiday episodes are available.
ITEM - Bobby and Dianne Goldsboro and "The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon" - read more here & here - support the March Of Dimes.
ITEM - "The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon" TV show airs nationally on America One Television Network.  Find your station here.

Bobby Goldsboro's "The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon" is an educational, wholesome, musical, live-action, children's television series.  The stars of the show are swamp critters Billy Bob Possum, Ribbit E. Lee, Ima Dilla, Gumbo The Fiddler Crab, Joe Raccoon and Big Al Gator.  They all live in Lost Lagoon.  They are often joined in their adventures by resident bad-boy Phinneas Phatrat and many guest stars.  Some of the critters sing and play in The Swamp Critters Band.  Ribbit pounds the drums, Billy Bob plays bass, Big Al plays the piano and accordion, Joe strums guitar and plays harmonica, and Gumbo fiddles.  Ima Dilla dances, sings and plays tambourine.  With a Bobby Goldsboro soundtrack and clever and witty dialogue, the show is appealing to both children and adults.

Meet The Stars Of The Show  [ click each for larger view ]
  Billy Bob Possum      Ribbit E. Lee             Joe Raccoon            Gumbo Fiddler Crab
 Ima Dilla                    Big Al Gator               Phinneas Phatrat    

"The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon" has been created, developed, written, composed, produced and performed by singer-songwriter-author Bobby Goldsboro.  He incredibly also performs all of the voice work for the show, as well as singing and playing the soundtrack, which consists of original music written specifically for the series - more than 100 songs.  Episodes are available on video and The Swamp Critters’ music is available on CD !!  “The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon” was originally taped at WEDU Studios in Tampa, Florida.

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