A Tribute - The Bobby Goldsboro Show
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Calvin Calaveras


Jonathan Rebel

Peter Cullen               with special appearances by Billy Ray Elmore !!

The Bobby Goldsboro Show was a music / variety series in the mid-1970s sincerely devoted to showcasing music.  For three seasons, each 30-minute episode featured a single musical guest, while starring Bobby Goldsboro, of course.  Comedic relief was also on hand.  The Bobby Goldsboro Show is reported to be television’s highest-rated variety series in syndication in the 1970’s.

Guests ranged across musical genres from Johnny Mathis to Roy Clark, from Henry Mancini to Curtis Mayfield, from Rod McKuen to Paul Revere & The Raiders.  The series aired for three seasons:  1973, 1973-74, and 1974-75.  A highlight and particularly memorable moment from the show was the unplugged duet of Bobby with his guest presented near the end of most episodes.

Season One included the wise-cracking, pert, frog puppet Calvin Calaveras.  Bobby’s famous and unforgettable tree-frog imitation must have been the inspiration.  Ribbit, Ribbit !!  For Season Two, the animated, laconic, cartoon character Helmet joked and danced with Bobby and his guests.  Helmet looked amazingly similar to Bobby and was aptly named after Bobby's well-known, rounded hair-style.  In Season Three Jonathan Rebel, a southern, basset hound-dog puppet, joined the show.  Jonathan’s laid-back repartee with guests, Bobby and Billy Ray Elmore - Bobby’s comedic alter-ego - was especially noteworthy.  All three comedic characters were voiced by Peter Cullen.

Dr. Timmy Tappan, the noted arranger, producer, photographer, entrepreneur, author and professor, was the musical director of the show.  He also conducted and played piano and flute on each episode as an integral part of The Bobby Goldsboro Band.  In 2005, Dr. Tappan appeared in concert again with Bobby in Florida.

The Bobby Goldsboro Band consisted of:  Timmy Tappan, Jan Kurtis, Tommy Tow and later Michael Stanton.  [ Jan Kurtis' website features several photos from the TV show and several candid photos of Bobby ~ Back To Nashville. ]

One special episode of The Bobby Goldsboro Show was entirely dedicated to showcasing the music of the late, great Jim Croce.  Also, several episodes debuted and featured a Bobby Goldsboro music video.  And, to me, the humor of Billy Ray Elmore was unforgettable.

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