Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon

The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon is a unique children's musical television series. The Swamp Critters band is made up of Ribbit E. Lee, a frog drummer (and riverboat captain); Big Al, a piano-playing alligator (and cafe owner); Gumbo, a fiddle-playing fiddler crab; Billy Bob Possum, who plays bass and sings; and Joe Raccoon, who plays guitar. There's even a singing armadillo named Ima!

The Swamp Critters are costumed characters with live actors and musicians inside. A unique, robotic-type transmitter is used in all the main characters, enabling all mouth movements to be precise during dialogue and singing. The characters therefore have a look unlike anything else on children's television. Various marionettes and hand puppets have also been introduced from time to time.

Each show deals with a different subject such as pollution, running away from home, prejudice, saving the manatee, etc. Even special holidays such as Halloween and Christmas have lessons to learn. But every lesson is subtle and taught with music and humour.

The major difference in the Swamp Critters series and other children's shows is the music. Original music is written, orchestrated, produced and performed by award-winning composer and Swamp Critters creator Bobby Goldsboro! Children are introduced to all kinds of music including Blues, Dixieland, Rock and Roll, Cajun, Jazz and even a little Classical!

Although the Swamp Critters have a different adventure every week, they always end up at "Big Al's Cafe" for their live show. Even the instruments they play are special. The guitar is a turtle shell with a table leg for the neck, fishing line for strings and fishing lures for tuning pegs. The drums are made up of an old covered tire for a bass drum, a huge rat trap and springs for the foot pedal, peach baskets covered in plastic picnic tablecloths for other drums, hubcaps for cymbals, etc. The piano is a centerpiece for the show. It is a one-of-a-kind, Swamp-Style "Pineway"!

The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon is unlike anything else on television. The quality of the characters, costumes, the wonderful stories and the incredible music make The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon a unique children's musical series.

It is also possible to buy Swamp Critters stuffed toys via QVC (in the USA only I'm afraid) and here is a photograph of these cute animals.

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