Great Bobby Goldsboro Links

The Official Website of Bobby Goldsboro ~
Bobby Goldsboro’s "The Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon" ~


The Fans of Bobby Goldsboro Home Page ~ extensive discography, fan’s page, lyrics and more; very comprehensive and one of the first two Bobby Goldsboro resources on the internet  [ thank you, Keiki Sato ]

Alabama Music Hall of Fame - Bobby Goldsboro ~ 1999 inductee, Lifework Award for Performing Achievement ~ under BMI’s Repertoire search by writer for an extensive listing of songs and snippets composed by Bobby Goldsboro  [ an incredible 422 work titles last time I checked !! ]

The Unofficial Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon Fan Site ~ fun, very informative and cute Swamp Critters pages

The Roger Miller Museum Jukebox ~ this page from “The Roger Miller Museum – Official Web Site” includes a small but very entertaining video clip from “The Bobby Goldsboro Show” featuring entertainer / songwriter extraordinaire, The King Of The Road, Roger Miller  [ check out the clothes; enjoy Roger Miller ]

EMI Music Publishing ~ if you type “Bobby Goldsboro” into the orange Site Search box, then click the Song Matches button midway down the page, you’ll see the first of 16 pages of tunes written by Bobby Goldsboro; his “hits” and several other songs have audio clips; it’s particularly interesting to note titles that have been recorded by other singers, but only a few of the many available are listed



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