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Multi-talented, incomparable, inimitable Bobby Goldsboro has contributed to and impacted the entertainment and arts world for more than 40 years.  From guitarist to songwriter, to singer to international star, to music producer to TV star, to publisher to author, to creator to voice artist, and now as artist / painter, his accomplishments are extensive and totally impressive.  This Library & Archives page serves as an index - representing a compilation of an array of topics and terms pertaining to his career.  Available below are links to self-penned prose, official and informative websites, photos, etc.  This compendium is far from complete.  Much more is to follow, as time allows, perhaps ad infinitum...

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The Art Of Bobby Goldsboro - Official Website

Artwork / Paintings ~ additional galleries Here & Here; see the Artist / Painter; catalogue of paintings

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The Bobby Goldsboro Fan Club                                              The Bobby Goldsboro Show

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Coca-Cola ~ video clips "Hello, Summertime" - 'It's The Real Thing, Coke' & "Have A Good Day"

Cover-Boy                                                                               EPs

Etcetera                                                                                  European Language Records

Golf                                                                                          "Honey" Around The World

In Appreciation                                                                       In Concert ~ Reviews

In Memoriam                                                                          International ~ see "Querida"; see "Hoy"

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Lyrics / Poetry composed by Bobby Goldsboro ~ also Here & Here & Here & Here

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Music - "Swamp Critters"

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Soundtracks & Audiobooks                                                    Surfin' The Net ~ Damms-1998

The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon - Official Website

The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon ~ meet them Here & Here; another overview Here; photo with Bobby

The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon ~ episode list; episode details; song list; song details; see IMDB listing [work in progress]

The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon - Videos & Music; Books & Read-Along Cassettes; Dolls & Toys; T-Shirts

Trivia                                                                                       TV ~ see IMDB listing; see listing

UK Northern Soul - "Too Many People"                                 Video - Bobby Goldsboro On Video

Video - Children's Videos - Live-Action & Animated              "With Pen In Hand"


Dedicated To Bobby Goldsboro

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