Bobby Goldsboro Interviews

Listed below are several, recent-history interviews with Bobby Goldsboro - audio, text and video:

NEWS - Hear a great April 2007 interview with Bobby Goldsboro !!
It's part of an extremely interesting, eclectic radio show from Michael Shelley and WFMU.
 This link here is for the page where the RealPlayer for the radio show re-play is launched, about halfway down the page.  The Goldsboro interview is preceded by a set of several Goldsboro-written cover songs.  The entire radio show features many atypical and unusual tracks.  Here are links to the homepage for Michael Shelley and for WFMU.  In the interview, Shelley forgot to mention that he has covered "Little Things" on an EP !!  [ The link for the EP includes audio clips about 1/3-way down the page. ]

The Best Of Bobby Goldsboro ~ not an interview, but this DVD or VHS features clips from The Bobby Goldsboro Show, including 2 music videos, and many of the songs are introduced by Bobby; available directly from Bobby Goldsboro's Official Website ~ text interview - 2006 est.;
great introspective, reflective, Q & A piece; interesting website ~ audio interview - 2005 est.;
fantastic radio show with Jimmy Jay; thorough, fun, retrospective of Bobby's career featuring his hits, voices of "The Swamp Critters Of Lost Lagoon" and Bobby singing live a verse and chorus of "Come Back Home"; one of the best-ever interviews with Bobby; available for purchase;
website also has 2 photos of Bobby, including one with his wife Dianne

Country Legends - Bobby Goldsboro - Brand New Kind Of Love ~ CD/DVD package - 2005 release;
CD of hits includes a historic audio interview; DVD features a recent video interview; available for purchase at various locations ~ audio interview - 2004 est.;
works with RealPlayer, but starts very slowly - even with a cable modem ~ audio interview; available for purchase


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