Bobby Goldsboro - On The Charts

In 1968, “Honey” was an international mega-hit.  In June, Bobby Goldsboro was skyrocketing up the charts in Perth, Australia with 2 songs in the Top 10 !!

“Honey” was on its way up at Number 2 on the 6PR-880 Official Top 40 weekly survey for June 14th.  Last week it had been Number 6.  Meanwhile, “Molly” entered the chart at Number 7.  “Honey” was also listed as the Top Seller in both Melbourne and Hobart. Two weeks later, “Molly” was Number 2 and “Honey” was still listed as the Top Seller in Melbourne.

Bobby Goldsboro chart / survey  Bobby Goldsboro chart / survey

Dedicated To Bobby Goldsboro

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